USB ports not providing enough power

Standard USB 3.0 ports come in low-power and high-power variants, supplying up to 150 mA and 900 mA respectively, while simultaneously transmitting data at Superspeed rates.

USB power issue

The ZED camera can draw up to 380 mA when connected to a computer. It may need more power than it is getting from the USB connection, resulting in several connection issues:

  • ZED camera cannot be detected by the system.
  • Corrupted frames appear randomly in the video stream.
  • Device is automatically disconnected by the system after a period of use.

How to fix it

There are several ways to fix this issue:

  • Try a different USB 3.0 port.
  • Avoid front panel ports. They are often connected to the motherboard through lower quality internal cables that degrade signal power and quality.
  • Remove any USB hub and extension cable between the ZED and the PC. If you need to extend your working range, use active cables and hubs with their own external power supply.