What is the difference between the ZED and ZED Mini?

The ZED Mini and the ZED use the same SDK. You can therefore develop with one camera and easily switch to the other one.  

To help you select the best camera for your project, we listed the main differences between both of them below:

  • The ZED Mini provides an improved tracking thanks to its internal IMU sensor information combined with visual odometry. The ZED tracking is only using visual odometry.
  • The baselines of the cameras are different: the ZED Mini has 63mm baseline and the ZED has a 120mm baseline. This baseline difference affects the depth range which is 30cm to 20 meters for the ZED and 15cm to 12m for the ZED mini.

Both cameras use the same RGB sensors and therefore deliver the same resolutions and framerates: up to 100 images per second in VGA and a maximum resolution of 2K per image at 15 fps.