Offline processing

The ZED SDK accepts two types of inputs: live images captured by the ZED cameras or recorded SVO files captured by the ZED cameras.

The second method is called offline processing. It splits the capture from the SDK computation. The ZED can be used with a laptop to record a video sequence, and this sequence is imported afterwards on a more powerful computer where the SDK is installed. 

Video sequences are saved in our SVO proprietary format and can be recorded with the ZED Explorer which doesn't require an NVIDIA GPU. SVO files are containing all the needed information to simulate a live ZED.

The recording computer must have a USB 3.0 port and a i5 or higher CPU. Most of our users use an INTEL NUC.

Notes: This method offers the possibility to tune the SDK parameters to generate different outputs from the same sequence. It is also the most lightweight setup.

For example, we recommend the offline setup for scanning applications.
As a reminder, the ZED can be used on Windows 7-10 and Ubuntu 16. (not OSX)