Why are the lenses of my new ZED Mini different?

The ZED Mini camera received a rev2 upgrade in late 2022.

The lenses of the ZED Mini have been improved to obtain better image quality and depth map and to cope with a shortage of materials problem caused by the COVID period.

The original optics were no longer on the market, hence we decided to take this as an opportunity to improve the performance of the camera by adding a lens with an improved MTF/sharpness, slightly higher FOV, and a better optical build.

What is the impact on the software side?

On the application side, the update should be invisible to most users as all cameras are factory-calibrated and the new calibration parameters are available to users through the ZED SDK. Optical specifications are very similar except for sharpness which has increased by 33%.

There is only one notable change that can affect your setup if you recalibrate the cameras through external calibration tools (i.e. Matlab, OpenCV). You must now use a stereo Fisheye calibration model instead of a Brown model, and adapt your code to the new configuration.

The ZED Calibration tool will be updated to support the new ZED Mini and Fisheye model.

New ZED Mini rev2 Parameters

  • Focal length: 3.06mm
  • Aperture: f/2.0
  • Field of view: (D)118°, (H)102°, (V)57° 
  • Calibration model: Fisheye