What do I do if my ZED application freezes after a few minutes?

Memory leak

When all the computer's memory is used, the PC will start swapping the extra data on its hard drive, slowing down all the processes.

In most situations, having an application freezing after some execution time is related to a memory leak affecting the PC's performance. This can be identified by watching the memory used by the program while it is running. If it keeps on growing, this means that the application allocates memory without releasing it.

Notice that both CPU (RAM) and GPU memory can suffer from memory leak issues.

ZED SDK 2.5 and 2.6

SDK v2.5 and v2.6 used a tracking optimization that, on Windows, conflicts with some display drivers NVIDIA released after those versions. This conflict causes the app to become unresponsive after a short time.

To solve it, do one of the following:

Upgrade to the latest SDK version (Recommended)

We corrected the issue in v2.7. Upgrading to it should remove your problem. If not, or if you were already using 2.7, please let us know at support@stereolabs.com.

Downgrade NVIDIA drivers

Downgrade your NVIDIA display drivers to the 397.64 version which is the most recent driver version we’ve tested that we’re sure will not cause the freeze.

Note that upon downgrading your drivers, particularly if you use a cleaning too like Guru3D’s Display Driver Uninstaller, you may need to reinstall the ZED SDK for it to display an image in Unity.

Disable tracking in your application

If unable to upgrade your SDK or downgrade your display drivers, completely disabling tracking in your application will avoid the conflict.

Note that enabling depth stabilization will also turn on the ZED’s tracking, even if you don’t use the tracking data for anything else. Therefore, it must be disabled.

  • SDK: The depth stabilization can be disabled from the InitParameters:    init_params.depth_stabilization = false
  • Unity: The depth stabilization is turned on automatically and can’t be turned off from the Inspector. Instead, open ZEDManager.cs and navigate to this line (#218 in v2.6). Replace “true” with “false.” Doing this and unchecking “Enable Tracking” in the Inspector should prevent the freeze.    private bool depthStabilizer = false;