Can I connect the ZED X and ZED X Mini to a USB3 port?

ZED X and the ZED X Mini cameras are stereo cameras that use new high-speed, high-reliability GMSL2 connectivity. They cannot be used with desktop/laptop PCs equipped with USB3 ports. 

How can I capture data from ZED X GMSL2 cameras?

The new ZED X line of cameras requires the usage of a GMSL2 capture card for Jetson or a carrier board with GMSL2 inputs. A ZED Box with GMSL2 inputs will be also released in Q2 2023 to simplify the usage of ZED X and ZED X Mini cameras.

The Stereolabs capture card allows connecting up to 2x ZED Xs cameras to the same Jetson AGX devkit. Write an email to if you need to connect up to 4x ZED Xs to the same host device.

Can I use GMSL2 to USB3 converters?

Even if GMSL2 to USB3 converters exist, the ZED X cameras cannot be used with such devices because the cameras leverage NVIDIA Jetson Orin onboard ISP for features such as demosaicing, noise reduction, auto exposure, and auto white balance that are not available on other devices.