How to add GPS timestamp in the spatial mapping and tracking using the ZED cameras and the SDK?

The ZED SDK can output meshes in .obj format, along with their .mtl+.png textures. This format is a very wide-used format.

You can download a sample mesh and its original video from the links below:

All the data published by the ZED SDK are tagged with a timestamp that is based on the host system clock. If other sensors use the same kind of timestamp, you can take advantage of it to get precise synchronization.

In case, the other sensors are acquired by different host devices you can do the following:

1. all the devices involved must be connected to a local network.
2. you must disable the internet time synchronization (NTP) on all the machines involved in your system.
3. you must configure a PTP serve connected to the GPS and configure it to sync its clock with the timestamp of the GPS
4. you must configure a PTP client on the host connected to the ZED2 camera

With this configuration, the timestamps of the ZED frames are synchronized with the timestamps of the GPS data and you can easily associate them.