What is the readout time of the ZED 2 camera?

The capture time depends on the resolution setting that you are using the camera on.

The readout time for the ZED2 based on various resolutions are:

2K@15fps: Line time = 44.8µs
HD1080/HD720@15fps: Line time = 51.2µs
HD1080/HD720@30fps: Line time = 25.6µs
HD720@60fps: Line time = 15.7µs
QVGA@15fps: Line time = 61.9µs
QVGA@30fps: Line time = 31.5µs
QVGA@60fps: Line time = 26.1µs
QVGA@100fps: Line time = 15.6µs

If you need information about the image sensors, the ZED cameras are equipped with two OV4689 from Omnivision.


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