How can I recover my camera without unplugging it?

Note: the following tips are not valid for ZED and ZED Mini camera models.

ZED 2 and ZED 2i

If your ZED 2 or ZED 2i camera is stuck in not valid status and you cannot open it anymore, you can recover its functionalities without unplugging it and re-plugging it by calling the ZED SDK function sl::Camera::reboot (C++/Python/C#/C).

You can also use the launch option --reboot of the ZED Explorer tool.


ZED_Explorer --reboot


"ZED Explorer.exe" --reboot

If multiple cameras are connected to the host device, the simple --reboot command will only reboot the first available camera. To reboot a specific camera, enter its serial number.

--reboot 3*******

ZED X and ZED X Mini

If you want to recover a ZED X or a ZED X Mini camera that is stuck in not valid status without rebooting the NVIDIA® Jetson host device, you can use the terminal command 

sudo systemctl restart zed_x_daemon

Note: unplugging and replugging a ZED X camera is not a valid method to reset and recover it.