What is the range of the ZED and ZED Mini?

The ZED and the ZED Mini camera are both using stereovision to perceive the depth.

The table below presents the minimum and maximum range of the depth estimation.

  Min Range Max Range
ZED 50 cm (1.8 feet) 20 meters (65 feet)
ZED Mini 15 cm (0.5 feet) 15 meters (40 feet)
ZED (*Ultra mode) 50 cm (1.8 feet) 40 meters (130 feet)
ZED Mini (*Ultra mode) 15 cm (0.5 feet) 24 meters (80 feet)

* Ultra mode: All the ZED and the ZED Min can use the ULTRA mode. This is a software setting available in the ZED SDK that almost doubles the maximum depth range. More

The main factor that differentiates the ZED range from the ZED Mini one is the distance between their optics (known as the baseline). Please note that the ZED and ZED Mini lens separation is fixed and it is not possible to adjust the hardware to reduce the minimum range.

It is also possible to detect objects at closer distances or without the depth information if this is your use-case. See our dedicated article on this topic for more information.