Getting Started with your ZED camera

Thank you for purchasing the ZED 3D camera!

The ZED is a passive stereo camera that reproduces the way human vision works. Using its two “eyes” and through triangulation, the ZED creates a three-dimensional model of the scene it observes, introducing for the first time indoor and outdoor long range depth perception and positional tracking.

First, let's review the items you should have received:

  • The ZED Stereo camera
  • One Mini Tripod stand
  • One USB Drive with Drivers and SDK
  • Documentation

1. Connect your ZED

Unpack your ZED and mount it on the Mini Tripod included in the box. Plug the camera in a USB 3.0 port. The ZED is a UVC compliant camera so it should be automatically recognized by your computer.

2. Download and install the ZED SDK

  • Get the latest version from the download page.
  • Make sure you have the correct version of CUDA installed.
  • Run the ZED SDK installer to install the ZED driver, tools and samples.

Note: You must be connected to the internet during installation. The ZED installer will download and install your calibration file from our online database. Some firewalls may block the installation process and will need to be configured to allow the installer to access the internet.

 3. Run the ZED Explorer

The ZED Explorer is an application for ZED live preview and recording. It lets you change video resolution, aspect ratio, camera parameters, and capture high resolution snapshots and 3D video.

If the ZED is recognized by your computer, you’ll see the 3D video from your camera.

4. Play with the samples

The ZED SDK includes several samples to learn how to use video, depth and point cloud information, along with third-party libraries. 

Run the ZED Depth Viewer to check that the depth map is displayed correctly. If you have trouble launching the ZED Depth Viewer, please check our Troubleshooting section.

You can also check our GitHub page for the latest updates. Read the documentation to learn more, and start experimenting with the samples!