Can I use the ZED camera with an extension cable?

Yes, you can find the official Stereolabs extender cables in the web store.

If you are searching for longer-range solutions, you can use the ZED cameras with third-party USB 3.0 extension cables or optical fiber cables to extend the camera operating range up to 200m.

We recommend using the following cables: 

USB Extender   ZED ZED Mini ZED 2 ZED 2i

Icron Spectra™ 3001 15m Active Copper Extension Cable

  ⚠(1) ⚠(1) ⚠(1)

Icron Spectra™ 3022 Multimode Fiber 100m Extender

  ⚠(1) ⚠(1) ⚠(1)

Icron Raven 3124 Multimode Fiber 200m Extender


(1): Unlike the ZED, the ZED Mini, the ZED 2, and the ZED 2i use both USB 3.0 and 2.0 to send video and motion sensor data. Some extension cables which have only USB 3.0 internal wires or fiber extenders will work for image transmission but sensors data from IMU or Barometer will not be available. 

Other USB 3.0 extenders might also be compatible, however, the above recommendations are for models that reliably passed all of our tests.