How do I update my ZED camera firmware?

Stereolabs releases new firmware versions to improve camera performance and add new features. You can update your device firmware using ZED Explorer.

How to check for new firmware and update your camera

  1. Connect your camera and open ZED Explorer.
  2. If a new firmware is available, a notification will appear at the bottom of the window.
  3. Click on the notification to see what brings the update. Click on OK to update the camera’s firmware.
  4. ZED Explorer will download the firmware and begin the update.
  5. At the end of the update, unplug and replug the camera on your computer.zed-firmware-update.png

Important: Be careful when updating the firmware. If you don't want to corrupt the firmware, do not interrupt the update. For example, do not disconnect the camera, close ZED Explorer or start news tasks on your computer during the update.


Jetson: Firmware update or downgrade isn't available from a Jetson board, please use a PC with the latest SDK installed.

Downgrading firmware version

Recent firmwares are only compatible with recent ZED SDK versions. To use older SDK versions, you need to downgrade the firmware of your camera.

  1. Open ZED Explorer with your camera connected. A laptop or desktop PC is required (not Jetson)
  2. Open the top-right Settings panel and select the Firmware tab.
  3. Select the firmware you wish to install and the corresponding camera model (ZED or ZED Mini). The software will start the firmware downgrade process.
  4. At the end of the update, unplug and replug the camera on your computer.

Firmware compatibility

You will find below the list of compatible ZED SDK/firmware versions.



Multi-camera support

Improved USB connection


904 / 922 deprecated

0.9 or below




1142    deprecated

1.0 or later





2.4 or later

Windows, Linux




Jetson TK1: As the support of this board ended with the ZED SDK 1.2 version, you have to make sure that your ZED uses the firmware 1142. New ZED cameras are always shipped with the latest firmware.