What is the camera focal length and field of view?

Each ZED and ZED Mini has unique optical characteristics. The cameras are factory calibrated and their associated calibration is automatically downloaded when launching a Stereolabs application for the first time (tool, sample, etc.).

You can retrieve the parameters of your camera using the ZED API with getCameraInformation().calibration_parameters.left_cam. Check the API documentation for more information.

Calibrations files are stored in the following folders and named after each camera serial number:

  • On Windows: C:/ProgramData/Stereolabs/settings
  • On Linux: /usr/local/zed/settings/
  • On Windows (SDK ≤ 2.2.0): C:/Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/AppData/Roaming/Stereolabs/settings/

 Notice: The following values are valid for both the ZED and the ZED Mini, only the baseline (distance between optics) changes. The ZED has a 12cm baseline and the ZED Mini has a 6.3cm baseline.

Image Resolution

Resolution Width Height
HD2K 2208 1242
HD1080 1920 1080
HD720 1280 720
WVGA 672 376


Focal Length

The exact focal length can vary depending on the selected resolution and your own camera calibration.

Resolution  Focal length in pixels
HD2K 1400
HD1080 1400
HD720 700
WVGA 350


Pixel Size

Resolution  Pixel size
HD2K 0.002mm
HD1080 0.002mm
HD720 0.004mm
WVGA 0.008mm


Field of View

The field of view formula is the following:

fov = 2*arctan(pixelNumber/(2*focalLength)) * (180/pi)

You can use pixelNumber to switch between horizontal and vertical resolutions.


Resolution  V FOV H FOV
HD2K 47° 76°
HD1080 42° 69°
HD720 54° 85°
WVGA 56° 87°



The focus distance is fixed. All objects at distances from 28cm out to infinity will be sharp.