Can I use the ZED on mobile, Raspberry Pi or other platforms?

The ZED and the ZED Mini are UVC compliant devices. This means that you can use them as standard USB cameras that streams left/right synchronized (and unrectified) images side-by-side over USB 3.0. 

A sample showing how to open and capture video from a ZED or ZED Mini camera with OpenCV is available on GitHub.



Using the ZED SDK on Embedded Platforms

To generate a real-time depth map and other outputs, the ZED SDK uses computer vision and AI algorithms that are accelerated with the Nvidia CUDA library. This means using the ZED SDK on an embedded platform requires a compatible Nvidia embedded GPU, available only on Jetson platforms.

Jetson Embedded Platforms

If you plan to use the ZED or ZED Mini on a drone or robot, we recommend using the Jetson Nano, TX2, or Xavier platforms. They offer USB 3.0 and CUDA support and allow to run the ZED SDK.

IOS, Android, Raspberry Pi

As most IOS, Android, or Rapsberry Pi-like computers do not have an Nvidia GPU, the ZED SDK won't be able to run on these platforms. However, you will still able to use the stereo camera as a standard USB device with third party libraries such as OpenCV.