Which VR Headsets Are Compatible with Pass-Through AR via ZED Mini?

Currently, our Unity and Unreal plugins allow you to create an AR experience with the following headsets:

- Oculus Rift
- HTC Vive
- HTC Vive Pro
- Windows Mixed Reality headsets (excluding Microsoft Hololens)

However, some of these headsets have some limitations. See the subsection below corresponding to your headset.

Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

The ZED Mini hardware was originally designed for these two headsets. As such, there are no notable restrictions when using the ZED Mini with either the Rift or the original Vive. Each ZED Mini is shipped with a mounting bracket for the camera that will fit on either headset, along with mounting template stickers that will help you position the camera in the ideal location on the front.

HTC Vive Pro

The Vive Pro functions almost exactly like the original Vive in terms of how our plugins interact with it. However, the front of the Vive Pro is shaped differently in order to accommodate its own stereo cameras. As a result, our mounting bracket for attaching the ZED Mini does not fit the Vive Pro. The mounting template sticker can still be useful for positioning, but you will need to apply your own solution for attaching the ZED Mini.

Windows Mixed Reality

We've verified that the standard mounting bracket (designed for the Rift and Vive) will fit the Samsung Odyssey and HP WMR headsets, and likely provides at least a partial fit on the others. But as we don't provide mounting template stickers for these, you must be careful to position the camera properly so that the center point between the two sensors is aligned with the center point between the middle of the two displays.

Also, our plugins only support these headsets via SteamVR and not directly through Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform. Therefore, when building a Unity/Unreal app with it, tutorials for setting up WMR in the engine using UWP such as Unity's WMR tutorial will not apply. You must also have Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR installed.